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About Us

New England Baptist Academy was founded in 1982. Our driving purpose is to assist parents in the spiritual and academic training of Christian young people so that they might reach their fullest potential, and assume their responsibilities as Christian adults in the vocations to which God has called them.

Our Staff

Our staff is comprised of spiritually mature Christian men and women who have been called to the ministry of teaching. All staff members have a testimony of a personal relationship with the Lord and are committed to various ministries in their local church in addition to their ministry at NEBA.

Due to our small classroom sizes, our teachers are able to successfully teach and train their students both spiritually and academically. They are able to provide a safe and loving environment in their classrooms where the students can feel loved and protected.

Our Student

Our school is very culturally diverse and our teaching staff has an average of 15 years of experience. We are proud of, and embrace the cultural diversity among our students. It is not uncommon to have students born in different parts of the world, with the ability to speak multiple languages. It is exciting to see how they view things from their cultural perspective!

Our students are well prepared both spiritually and academically to continue on their chosen path after graduation. A high percentage of our students test out of first year college math and English courses.

Students are challenged and encouraged to develop a strong, personal relationship with the Lord. Through daily Bible class and weekly chapels they are provided a strong biblical foundation that can guide them through the rest of their lives.

Our Studies

We proudly use the A Beka Book curriculum exclusively in our elementary and junior high grades. For over thirty years, A Beka Book has provided an excellent traditional curriculum, through academic integrity, content research, trial testing, and ongoing evaluation.

We provide a traditional teaching environment with an average of 8:1 student to teacher ratio per grade. This allows our teachers to actively monitor individual student progress and provide additional assistance when necessary.

Our high school students continually score higher than the national average on the Iowa Standardized Tests in every section of the test. Most recently our students tested in top 15% for the nation.

Why Us?

New England Baptist Academy provides your child with a distinct educational advantage and an affordable alternative to public education. NEBA offers a warm and caring “family atmosphere” with highly qualified teachers who are dedicated to providing excellence in education. Of greater importance is the fact that the NEBA faculty loves and cares for each student and his relationship with God. This is a quality that permeates every activity and area of learning starting in K3 through Twelfth grade.

Our K4 program is among the few that teach the foundational skills needed for Kindergarten and beyond. Students at NEBA are well rounded and strive for excellence.

And that's not all...We have FUN learning!

We invite you to consider NEBA. Our class sizes are small, our ACT/SAT scores well exceed the national average, yet our tuition price is well below other private schools in New England. We welcome you to visit our

school and learn more!